Marble Thought covered by a Cloth

D. (or E.) Freuler (Active in 1880 -After 1909)

Circa 1895

Salt print

H. 24.2 cm ; W. 17.6 cm


When Camille Claudel joined his studio, Rodin made several portraits and masks of her. In 1886-89, he modelled Thought, an allegorical work showing the face of the young woman, wearing a little pleated bonnet, emerging from a block of rough-hewn marble.


In 1895, Rodin became interested in the effect of adding drapery to an earlier work (Draped Torso of The Age of Bronze) , or, as seen here, in the way in which a simple piece of fabric, placed over Thought, altered the appearance of a sculpture. Camille Claudel’s face is veiled and in the shadow.


Freuler captured and recorded the sculptor’s spontaneous gesture in this photograph, thus turning it into an ephemeral variation of the work.

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