Rodin, Un grande scultore al tempo di Monet

Museo Santa Caterina, Trevise (Italie)

24 February - 3 June 2018

The Museo Santa Caterina, a former convent classified historical monument and municipal museums of Treviso (Italy), will host in February a major exhibition Rodin in the continuity of the Centenary. Organized by Linea d'ombra under the curation of Marco Goldin, the exhibition traces the stages of Rodin's career through a journey of 73 works loaned by the Musée Rodin, including the great plasters of the Thinker and The Walking Man A bronze century of bronze, the bronzes Monument to Victor Hugo and Jean d'Aire of the garden, or a painting of Munch. The exhibition will answer to another exhibition about the Italian sculptor Arturo Martini (1889-1947), Rodin's young contemporary, at the Luigi Bailo Museum in Treviso, his hometown.

The Kiss


Saint Jean-Baptiste


L'âge d'Airain


Torse de jeune femme cambrée


Exhibition curator

Marco Goldin

Loaned artwork

73 artwork from Musée Rodin's collections


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