Guidelines for groups

Groups of 10 people or more are required to book before visiting the Museum. Groups without an advance booking may be denied immediate entry.

Groups are limited to 25 people (30 for visitors under 18 years old).

How to book a group visit?

Self-guided tour (without a guide from the Museum):


a) Each group must pay a “droit de réservation” (reservation fee) to book a day and a time of entrance. Groups must respect the time of entrance written on their reservation otherwise access to the Museum may be denied.

b) Each visitors must purchase an entrance ticket. A reduced rate is applied: for example, one ticket costs 7 € instead of 10 € for an access to the Permanent Collection + the Garden of Sculptures + the Temporary Exhibition. Those tickets can’t be used for individual visits. If visitors benefit from free admission individually (see our pricing policy here) those tickets are not required. A documentary will be asked at the entrance.

One adult is granted a free entrance per group.

c) Audiophones are obligatory if one person of the group is going to comment the visit (guides included).

If you don’t know the exact composition of your group, you may book only the reservation fee on our website to confirm your visit. Then, you will be able to pay directly at our till on the day of your visit for the entrance tickets and the audiophones depending on the number of participants.


Your reservation must be booked on our ticketing website (here).