Tour with a guide of the musée Rodin

Come and enjoy a visit with a specialist of Rodin through a guided-tour adapted to the composition of your group. We offer three different themed tours to discover various aspect of Rodin's work and life. 

Due to the exceptional circumstances regarding the COVID-19 virus, and in accordance with government guidelines, the musée Rodin has implemented specific measures to provide the best and safest possible visitor experience. Please take note of the measures we have put in place for your safety.   To avoid crowding, group visits (for over 10 people) can be booked in limited time slots. For safety reasons, any group that arrives at the museum without an online reservation will be refused entry.

Musée Rodin Paris

Each visit lasts 1h30 and offer a tour of a selection of sculptures of the permanent collection in the hôtel Biron and the Sculptures Garden.

Adults group (over 26 years old) are composed of 10 to 25 people. For visitors under 26 years old, groups are composed of 10 to 30 people

Theme 1 : « Au cœur des chefs-d’œuvre »

The tour retraces Rodin's career through an exploration of his most famous works. The main notions inherent to sculpture are covered - volume, space, techniques and materials.

Theme 2 : « Corps à Corps avec Rodin »

The body lies at the heart of Rodin's aesthetic, whether in his isolated or assembled scuptures that reveal all of the paths to sensuality. 

Theme 3 : « Welcome in Hell ! »

The multitude of souls condemned for their sins described by the poet Dante, provided an endless source of creation for Rodin. A trasure trove of expressive themes that he seized with passion. Do you dare open the gates to Hell ? 


Guided-tours for groups of children under 10 years-old 

Our tours are also adapted for children between 5 and 10 years-old.

The tour lasts 1 hours and show the permanent collections in the hôtel Biron or the ones displayed in the Sculptures Garden (the leader must pick one). 

The price of this tour is 120 € for a group of 10 to 30 people in French. 


 Push open the doors of our temporary exhibition!

When the musée Rodin hosts a temporary exhibition, you can opt for a tour combining both the temporary exhibition and a selection of works from the permanent collections.

Current temporary exhibitionBarbara Hepworth (from November the 5th 2019 to March the 22nd 2020)

In association with Tate, the musée Rodin will be holding the first monographic exhibition on the work of British sculptor Barbara hepworth (1903-1975) in Paris. Her abstract worls, imbued with poetic purity, aspire to an ideal, peaceful world. The musée Rodin's tribute exhibition to Hepworth will present these sculptures, with their combination of solid and void ; visitors who see these compelling artworks will find them hard to forget.

> More information on the exhibition



Rates of guided-tour

Our guided-tour are made for groups only, the prices are calculated for minimum 10 visitors. 

These prices are applicable from the 1st of January 2019. 


Musée Rodin - Paris

Adults groups (+ 26 years) or 18-25 years not living in the EU


10-15 visit.

16-20 visit.

21-25 visit.


340 €

395 €

445 €

Other language

350 €

405 €

455 €

Reservation fee, entrance tickets, guide and audiophones included in the prices


Students between 18-25 years living in the UE or 11-17 years (schools without a Pass Education)


10-30 visit.


225 €

Other Language

235 €

Reservation fee, entrance tickets, guide and audiophones included in the prices

Visits are offered in French, English, Spanish, Italian or German. Visits in Chinese are also available (rates upon request).




Discover our musée Rodin in Meudon

Theme : « Meudon, inside Rodin's privacy »

This tour will show you the renovated rooms of the musée and a selection of the sculptures displayed in the garden to comprehend the creative process of the sculptor.

Musée Rodin - Meudon

  French English
Tarif A1 10-15 visitors 10-25 visitors
250 € 275 €
  French English
  10 à 30 visitors 10 à 30 visitors
Tarif B2 220 € 245 €

Reservation fee, entrance tickets, guide and audiophones included in the prices.

1Over 26 years-old / 18-25 years-old outside the European Union
218-25 years-old living in the UE / Schools (without a Pass Éducation )

Visits in Chinese are also available (rates upon request).


How to book a guided-tour ?

You must simply complete the online form. Requests must be made 30 days before the date of the tour, and the visit mut be paid at least 20 days before the d-day to be confirmed.